How to fit a 10-minute meditation into your day

Meenakshi Iyer
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After a long day, intentionally spending time with our mind — specifically for 10 minutes — may feel useless, unnecessary, or even scary. These are normal feelings to have. But a 10-minute meditation can make all the difference in our lives, according to Headspace. When we dedicate 10 minutes each day to meditate — the same amount of time it takes to shower and get dressed for the day — we’re developing the ability to be present and less caught up in stressful, busy, overwhelming thoughts.

In fact, one study shows that just one session of Headspace can reduce mind-wandering by 15 per cent.

The Headspace app has hundreds of guided exercises to help you build your practice, plus plenty of other content to help you get familiar with meditation and mindfulness, like Grounding meditation where you can refresh and reset with a visualization exercise to help settle the breath, body, and mind.

Focus meditation is where you tap into the moment and bring out the innate focus within us while with the connecting mind and body meditation, you “observe while we tune into the body from head to toe”.

Russell Glass is the CEO of mental health firm Headspace, with an app designed to teach users how to meditate, do yoga, and practise mindfulness more regularly. He took to meditation himself after watching a talk by founder of Headspace Andy Puddicombe, and became CEO of the company in October 2021.

“Workplace mental health continues to be a top three business priority, with employees and CEOs experiencing frequent levels of stress due to market uncertainty and growing workplace pressures,” according to Glass, CEO of Headspace. “In response, companies must not only ensure they have robust mental health and wellbeing programs in place, but that their leaders are tending to their own mental health, fostering open conversations with their teams, and helping to reduce stigma in the workplace.”

Headspace is free to install. The premium plan begins with $12.99/month. Moreover, signing up for an annual plan will cost you $69.99/year. The Headspace subscription cost might vary for customers outside the US.

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