French drugmaker Sanofi partners OpenAI, Formation Bio on AI-driven drug development
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French drugmaker Sanofi on Tuesday said that it has teamed up with artificial intelligence (AI) company OpenAI and tech-driven pharmaceutical firm Formation Bio to build AI-powered software to accelerate drug development and bring new medicines to patients more efficiently.

As mentioned by the drugmaker, all the companies will bring together data, software and tuned models to develop custom, purpose-built solutions across the drug development lifecycle.

“Next generation, first-of-its-kind AI model customisations will be an important foundation in our efforts to shape the future of drug development for pharma and for the many patients waiting for innovative treatments,” said Paul Hudson, CEO, Sanofi.

Moreover, the drugmaker mentioned that it will utilise this partnership to provide access to proprietary data to create AI models as it continues on its path to becoming the first biopharma company powered by AI at scale.

“There is massive potential for AI to accelerate drug development. We are excited to collaborate with Sanofi and Formation Bio to help patients and their families by bringing new medicines to market,” said Brad Lightcap, COO, OpenAI.

The ChatGPT maker OpenAI will contribute access to cutting-edge AI capabilities, including the ability to fine-tune models, deep AI expertise and dedicated thought partnerships and resources.

In addition, Sanofi mentioned that Formation Bio will provide extensive engineering resources, experience operating at the intersection of pharma and AI, and its tech-driven development platform to design, develop and deploy AI technologies across all aspects of the pharma lifecycle.

“By creating and implementing customised AI agents and models designed for our industry, companies like Sanofi and Formation Bio can begin to scale with unprecedented productivity and transform the pace at which we bring new medicines to patients,” stated Benjamine Liu, Co-Founder & CEO, Formation Bio.

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