This wearable device can help calm your mind, improve mental well-being
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Evolv28, India’s first non-invasive wearable device is designed to be a transformative wellness device that harmonises brain cycles and addresses a wide array of mind wellness issues.

This device uses ultra-low-frequency magneto-electric waves, which are programmable to suit your specific mental state and needs. These waves help synchronise your brain waves to frequencies that encourage relaxation and focus, effectively supporting your mindfulness practice, the company said in a blogpost.

Evolv28 claims to harmonise brain cycles, which is essential for maintaining the natural rhythms of the brain that affect everything from mood to cognitive functions.

By ensuring these cycles are aligned and balanced, the device helps optimise brain function, which can enhance memory, improve focus, and stabilise mood.

It features a wide range of programmes tailored to address various mental health issues, such as sleep disturbances, stress, anxiety, depression, concentration issues, mood swings, calmness, and meditation.

Each programme is designed to target specific areas, allowing users to customise their experience based on their personal wellness goals, the company explained.

‘Sleep programmes’ will help enhance sleep quality, which is essential for memory consolidation and overall brain health. ‘Stress and anxiety reduction’ programmes are designed to reduce stress and anxiety levels, improving cognitive functions and memory.

Moreover, ‘concentration and mood enhancement’ programmes focus on improving concentration and stabilising mood swings, which directly benefit cognitive performance and memory retention, while ‘meditation and calmness’ aid in meditation and promote calmness, reduce cognitive load, and improve memory function, according to the company.

The design of this wearable device is lightweight and flexible, making it appropriate for a wide range of neck sizes, providing comfort for all users. Evolv28 is compatible with both Android and iOS platforms and the seamless mobile app integration enhances its accessibility and ease of use.

Additionally, the company said that this device not only supports traditional practices but also improves them, providing a modern twist to age-old techniques.

By adopting mindfulness practices and incorporating mindfulness devices like Evolv28, anyone can embark on a journey to greater mental well-being and a more mindful existence.

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