Healthtech startup Triomics raises $15 mn to automate oncology workflows with GenAI
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US-based healthtech startup Triomics has raised $15 million to streamline workflows for cancer centres using generative artificial intelligence (GenAI) technology.

The funding was led by several investors, including Y Combinator, Lightspeed, General Catalyst, and Nexus Venture Partners.

Triomics, co-founded by Sarim Khan (CEO) and Hrituraj Singh (CTO), addresses a major challenge in healthcare, specifically oncology. The company uses case-specific software and oncology-specific generative AI models (OncoLLM) to assist cancer providers in processing large amounts of free-text health record data, matching patients to clinical trials, improving quality of care, and providing precision oncology.

“We have successfully merged expertise in two complex functional areas: our AI researchers, who are specialised in customising language models to specific domains, and our clinical staff, who have decades of oncology-specific experience,” Singh said.

“As a result, our software can complement the strengths of these advanced models while also proactively addressing potential flaws, all with the intricacies of cancer research and care in mind,” he added.

OncoLLM enables proprietary software that connects with healthcare EHRs to perform specialised clinical and administrative functions. For instance, Triomics Prism helps with patient-trial matching by prescreening oncology patients with scheduled appointments to locate relevant clinical trials. Triomics Harmony curates EHR data for quality reporting, cohort analysis, and precision oncology.

Triomics’ major target users are hospital workers directly involved in oncology research and care, such as clinical research nurses, coordinators, registrars, and those working to improve healthcare delivery at their institutions.

In addition, the heathtech startup intends to publish additional data on OncoLLM efficacy across a variety of situations and patient demographics, as well as build software to support additional use cases.

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