Indian doctor performs over 30 surgeries using Apple Vision Pro headset
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Apple’s mixed reality (MR) headset Vision Pro, which was launched in February this year, has been making waves in the medical domain as doctors are using the device to perform surgeries. This time a doctor from Chennai has used the device to perform more than 30 surgeries.

Chennai’s GEM hospital’s COO and senior surgical gastroenterologist, Dr R. Parthasarathy has performed the given number of surgeries using Vision Pro. Under his leadership, doctors at the hospital have embraced AR/VR headsets after numerous trials, reports Mashable.

“Surgeons in #Chennai #TamilNadu #India are using #Apple Vision Pro headset to perform key-hole surgeries. Vision Pro shows a wall-size virtual screen, a both-eye 4K view of internal organs, shows multiple tabs etc. Dr Parthasarathy GEM Hosp has done 30+ surgeries using AVP,” a user posted on X with a video of the doctor performing surgery wearing Vision Pro.

The doctor noted that the device’s 360-degree spatial computing keeps the view intact no matter where you turn. It eliminates the need for several monitors because the headset can display several tabs at once, including CT/MRI scans, other papers, and crucial metrics in real-time during complex surgical procedures, the report mentioned.

Dr Parthasarathy also explains how facetime with an expert surgeon can be quite useful in tricky scenarios. The remote expert can observe the procedure and statistics in real-time on their headset, allowing for seamless coordination, it added.

Watching the doctor perform surgery wearing the Vision Pro, a lot of users reacted to the video.

“That’s an innovative way of using the technology for the betterment of lives,” a user wrote.

“The future of medical tourism in India is bright, we should work on it,” another user said.

“Cool device for medical surgery is going to change the way in hospital industry in India,” one more user mentioned.

This is not the first time a doctor used the Apple Vision Pro to perform surgery. Recently, Brazilian surgeons used the device to enhance shoulder arthroscopy, projecting high-resolution images and real-time data during surgery. In another instance, the headset assisted surgeons during a spine procedure in the UK.   

Launched in February in the US, the device comes at $3,500. However, it is not presently available in India and many other markets.

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