Google Search to show links to self-assessments for ‘mental health’ conditions in India
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As searches for ‘mental health crisis’ continue to rise year after year, Google has said it will show links to self-assessments in Search in the Knowledge Panel for conditions like depression and anxiety in India as well as in Japan and Mexico.

Google Search recently expanded information about suicide, domestic violence and sexual assault hotlines to people in dozens of countries and languages. 

“This year we’ll build on coverage across these features with 20 additional countries and territories, including Puerto Rico and Thailand, helping more people connect with local resources when they need it most,” Google said in a blogpost.

Physical well-being is one of the factors that contribute to mental health. According to Google, wearables like Fitbit and Pixel can help you keep a pulse on your health by providing insights and actionable ways to manage what’s happening.

For instance, Fitbit can help connect your psychological experience to your physiological stress response with the ‘Body Response’ feature on Pixel Watch 2. This feature is powered by a continuous electrodermal activity (cEDA) sensor and can point to possible signs of stress using a machine learning algorithm. 

When the algorithm picks up on physical indicators of positive and negative stress, you will get a notification prompting you to log how you felt or take action like guided breathing or a mindfulness session, the tech giant explained.

Google recently announced a $20 million commitment to support organisations’ commitment to digital well-being for kids and teens.

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